Job Profile For Advertising Jobs

Advertising is one sector with upfront creativity and spontaneity, it fluctuates, changes, varies from time and to time, and is counted as the “selling cost” of a commodity.

Well that’s in economics, but as the jobs include advertising sales reps, copywriters, advertising sales director, entry level jobs, advertising manager, executive, supervisor, publishing, account executive, assistant, analyst, content-writing, consultant, operations, and retail executive jobs, advertising job profile adhere to certain requisites.

You obviously wouldn’t get an executive post right after you graduate from an advertising school, but you can start at the base level then work your way up to different levels.

The work

Advertising work requires a lot of tolerance, and smartness on your part, as you would subject to working spontaneously, and be quick and immediate in briefing and planning. If you are an advertising sales rep then your work would be based on establishing a good clientele, and cracking the deal outright. Remember, the “selling cost”?

This is what your client is undertaking, and you have to convince him for more, and better, that’s exactly from where you have to rope in bigger possibilities serving as the intermediary between the customer and client.

Technical know-how about sales figures, sales accomplishments, target sectors, and follow-up is crucial. If you look into the job of an advertising sales director, or an advertising director, the focus of that post would be supervisory, and creating and placing ads would be the prime concern.

Levels of work

Whether you have specialized in sales or in graphics or in publishing or in media, an advertising job requires overall functioning of the position. It means you have to work your way through from making telephone calls, and e-mailing clients, to making plans and sales charts and account figures, drafts and contracts.

Mainly, advertising account executives focus on accounts, consultants provide strategies, publishers enthrall upon print media, and sales reps work on marketing and sales process, and a director plans and places, and looks after the overall process.

The job can also be conducted on-site, with web portals etc, and there an ad sales rep works to get clients, take up slots and ad spaces on the internet. Not only this, but in this job you have to be ready for additional responsibilities like coordinating staff, making various reports, and checking status of campaign constantly.

Opportunities you’ll have

Working in an advertising agency would be beneficial as you can earn lucrative salaries depending upon your post, size and demography of your agency. Advertising employment is mainly based in media, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, web portals, on-site work, and TV or radio stations.

You need to have a Bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism and minimum experience and for directorial posts, min. 5years of field experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) advertising jobs promise an increment, in various sectors, so you can vouch for it.

Advertising employment opportunities come to you if you are ready to work upfront always, be available 24×7, and are innovative.

Profile of Advertising Jobs in New York

In the city of skyscrapers New York, finding the correct advertising agency and job, might be hectic, but you can fit your concern by narrowing down your search to your locale, say you live in Syracuse, Manhattan, Berkshire, Oswego, Brooklyn, or Buffalo, you can get hold of info online, as well as be directed to your workplace through online address maps.

Advertising jobs are a requisite all the time, especially when it is variable and the constantly updating and changing patterns include innovations, and creativity, advertising vacancies are usually available, spontaneous and quick.

What do you need?

If you want your workplace to be near your home then check such tabs, which are location specific. As for ad agencies, there are plenty in NY, be it in Wall Street, Hudson Street, Stuyvesant Town, or Lincoln Square, you have to have a suitable profile with respect to your post.

All advertising jobs in New York prefer hiring people with a Bachelor’s degree of advertising or journalism, and some companies may require an additional experience in the respective post/ field you are applying for. So be smart, be meticulous for presentations, and be able to personify your debonaire.

It is important for you to be self motivated, tolerant and quick, as you are the “face” of your company while making ad deals, and advertising work in New York won’t accept laid back employees.

Your profile, should be different and to the point. Advertising work in New York needs you to increase and establish sales pitch, able to process paperwork, set up deals and contracts on time, and has a technical know-how of sales, ad process etc and has work orientation to qualify for an advertising job in New York which has the largest and reputed advertising agencies that can hire you.

Ad agencies in NY

New York advertising jobs can be looked upon in the internet, and extended search results can give you exactly what you want. The top advertising jobs in New York include the following places, like Omnicom Group, DDB Worldwide Communications Group in Madison Avenue, BBDO Worldwide, Rockfeller Center Info Line in Avenue of the Americas, and various other New York advertising employment agencies are located in Lexington Avenue, Broadway, West 45th Street, West 49th Street, Sterling Place-Brooklyn, 8th avenue, and the entire up-stretch from Wall Street to Manhattan. You can check Google maps, and search for your desired companies in Google, that suits your destination and locale.


This is a job profile that needs enough caliber to be persuasive, convincing, and requires you to reason deductively. To fit any advertising job post in New York, like advertising sales reps, consultants, manager, publisher, advertising director etc, you need to be in sync with the chosen agency’s requirements.

New York advertising employment, ensures a good pay packet, and also induces offers for Public Relations, Media, for local and national newspapers, like The New York Times or any other TV or Radio station, which always keeps you on cut edge responsibility.

Advertising Sales Director

An Advertising Sales Director develops, decides, implements, regulates and manages the advertising strategy of a company, both from the business and sales point of view. Is is the job of an advertising sales director to make future projections, forecasts and budgets for advertising related to sales. Advertising directors often work in harmony with marketing and public relations department. They develop and manage various strategies relating to the promotion and advertising of a product or service.

They negotiate agreements related to the same with various sales representatives and promotional agencies. They are responsible mainly for the placement of ads and managing the development and promotion of sales materials. They focus on efficient management of advertising sales representatives to carry out the promotional work smoothly.

The advertising director is responsible for overall promotion efforts and endeavors. He may oversee creative staff as well as account executives, from media directors to sales representatives. The director may employ the use of various media resources for his advertisement ventures such as internet, television, radio, hoardings and other growing number of media applications. They generally hold a bachelor’s degree in advertising, journalism, media studies, marketing, mass-communication or related areas.

An Advertising Sales Director is required to be efficient in handling public relations human resource management. He should be efficient and self-motivated with good presentation skills. An ideal sales director should be creative and imaginative to generate new concepts and ideas, good written expression, written and verbal comprehension and work efficiently in a team. Advertising Director Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities of a Advertising Sales Director include the following:

Design and develop a brand image and recognition for customers’ products or services.

Develop and direct advertising campaign to create brand name and awareness among consumers.

Create and implement strategies for promote sales of products and services.

Work with creative teams to implement brand building and promoting strategies.

Make forecasts, budgets and future projections to manage cost effectively.

Conduct team meetings at regular intervals to ensure smooth advertising campaign for the client.

Conduct meetings with clients to know specifications and convey the same to creative heads.

Handle projects and deliver the requirements of clients within deadlines.

Monitor every aspect of advertising campaign till the completion.

Most advertising directors do no enter the workforce at the executive level. They have to work their way up through the ranks of the advertising world to the director level. Some even start off as advertising sales agents, assistants, market researchers or analysts and gradually work they way up to the position of an accounts executive or advertising manager before reaching the director level.